Bloom 8.jpg

Our outdoor classroom is where time stands still and the children can step away from hurried lives. They truly immerse their whole body, mind and sense in mother nature as the canopy for play. Beautiful trees are our centrepieces for the children’s play and our rhythms are influenced by seasonal changes. 

In our garden we breathe in the relationship between all things natural and human made. We employ all our senses to wholly engage with the endless opportunities for play and spontaneous learning that our outdoor classroom brings. Feeling the bark on our trees and the sand in our hands and toes, watching our trees have their yearly rebirth. Hearing the kookaburras laughing in the gum tree or the planes and helicopters overhead. Smelling the back burning from the National Park nearby or the neighbours cooking lunch and tasting the seasonal vegetables or fruits we grow in our garden beds.

Whilst play outside is mostly undirected, the purposeful tools and materials ignite their natural curiosities and playful tendencies to investigate and explore.

It allows the child to exist in their most natural, playful form. To conjure up stories and dinner parties in the cubby house, to making up games, running and hiding, listening and observing. Watching the clouds and storms roll in whilst they paint and create on the easel. Drawing in a variety of mediums as they sit in the shade of the tree, taking inspiration from the changes around them.